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We've Got What You Need – a Full Range of Professional Cleaning Services

To suit the needs of our customers, Cleaning Africa Thusanang provides a broad range of expert cleaning services.

Now that your daily cleaning and facilities management needs are in the hands of experts, you can focus on running your primary business.


Once-Off Cleaning Services

If you want a thorough professional cleaning service without the burden of a monthly contract, our Once-Off Cleaning Services may be perfect for you. 

Cleaning Africa Thusanang offers a wide range of once-off cleaning of carpets, windows, floors, toilets, sewers, and hard-to-reach spaces. 

High Rise Window Cleaning Services

 We offer High Rise Window Cleaning Services for premises with windows that require special Scaffolding or Rope Access to reach. Our staff is exceptionally trained in the use of high-quality window-cleaning chemicals and safety equipment.


Deep-Cleaning Services

A clean work environment helps keep morale high and boosts workplace efficiency. That’s why Cleaning Africa Thusanang offers a range of deep cleaning services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Using the latest equipment and techniques, we provide a thorough and efficient cleaning experience that ensures a spotless and healthy environment for your employees and customers. 

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We also specialize in Commercial and Industrial Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Our professional staff is highly trained in the use of high-quality chemicals to leave your carpets and upholstery spotlessly clean and fresh. 

Carpet and upholstery Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

Our post-construction cleaners are equipped with the know-how and the equipment to handle any post-construction mess. They are trained in removing all the debris and dust thoroughly and promptly and at a minimal cost to you.

No job is too small or too big for us.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels can lose their efficiency due to a build-up of dirt and grime. That’s why it is critical to clean them on a regular basis. Cleaning Africa Thusanang offers Solar Panel Cleaning to commercial and industrial clients nationwide.   

Contact us today to schedule your professional solar panel cleaning and see the difference a clean panel can make!

Solar Panel Cleaning Services
Gutter and Drain Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutters often get clogged with leaves, mud, and debris, preventing the normal flow of rainwater. As rainwater builds up behind the clogged areas, it can seep under the roofing materials and can damage that’s very expensive to fix.

Getting your gutter cleaned can save you from the unnecessary costs that can result from clogged gutters.

Gardening Services

Cleaning Africa Thusanang offers gardening services tailored specifically for commercial and industrial clients, providing a convenient and comprehensive solution to enhance the outdoor spaces of businesses and industrial facilities. Our skilled team employs specialized techniques and equipment to efficiently transform outdoor areas, including lawn mowing, hedge trimming, weeding, mulching, and garden bed cleanup.

Trust Cleaning Africa Thusanang to elevate the outdoor aesthetic of your commercial or industrial property with our expert gardening services.

Gardening services

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